Paul Spence; Ottawa Express, Jan. 12, 2006, review of "Zombie Night in Canada-Vol II"

Preferring the more mild-mannered standard rockabilly sound, the standouts here are the Rowdymen and, my favourite, Saskatoon’s Hot Rod Hullabaloo.

John "JC" Carollo, review of "Filthy Groove" "Ol’ Skool Rodz"

They do it by being true to the sound with truly clever and entertaining songs of their own…If you are lookin’ for big fun with your rockabilly, Hot Rod Hullabaloo are your boys."

Marianne Vibert, Promotion Director, Rawlco Radio, Saskatoon

…the number one band on my list for events where live music is required….

Janet Hume; Ottawa Express

…saw Hot Rod live in Winnipeg at the Pyramid. Five bands played that night – Hot Rod was not the top bill … but they should have been! They delivered a full, tight, and professional sound that got the room boppin’. Crowd loved them!

Jason Allen; Guitar player for The Rowdymen; Winnipeg, MB.

…one of the best Rockabilly bands in Canada – and I’ve played with most of them!….
Rev it up and go see Hot Rod Hullabaloo!

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Hot Rod Hullabaloo
  111 LaLoche Court